• How long will last our session ?

A typical session will last 1 hour, but this may vary and depend on the location we choose to shoot, etc.

• Can we have the Raw files ?

No, this is not an option. Raw files are only half of the photographer's work. You will receive selected and edited pictures, representing my vision and my style, which is what you booked me for ;)

• How many photos will we receive ?

For sessions, starting includes 10 photos to select in a gallery which typically includes 70 to 100 images.
For wedding, you can expect 40 to 60 photos per hour.

• Why is wedding photography so expensive ?!

People often believes that a wedding photographer arrives at the wedding and finish its work when he leaves. But there is so much more than that ! Pricing includes the time of our exchanges by email/in person to help you organize your day, the presence on the wedding according the amount of time you booked, as well as many hours (can go up to 25 to 30) of selection and editing of your pictures to provide you with a professional quality reportage ! All this work is included in the price given to you.

• How will we receive the photos ?

Photos are delivered in a private online gallery. Accessible online and available to share with your closed ones. Print release will provide you the freedom to print your photos (for your personal use).

• How do we book ?

The process is classical. Your date is reserved once a contract is signed and a non refundable 30% retainer is paid. The balance is to be paid prior to the session/wedding.

• How long to receive our photos ?

I will do my best to deliver your pictures as fast as I can but my turn around time is 6 to 8 weeks.

• There is so much to read in the contract, it's scary !

Haha, I know that there is much to read, but this is to protect both you and me ! Every possible event is considered and covered so that we are all on the same page and there is no surprise or disappointment due to unclear expectations :)